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Hey there readers!

*closes book, places it in expensive shelf*

The site has had a slight revamp and I’m pissing about with a lot of themes and ideas at the moment. Here is the latest incarnation of the alluringĀ 01100111011001010110010101101011 blog.

I’ve been playing around with a few searches this week, hopefully a few will help you on your quest to brand dominance.

[pix_tabs active=”0″] [ul] [pix_tab title=”Find Competitor Guest Posts”][pix_tab title=”Niche Guest Post Opportunities”][pix_tab title=”Interesting Documents”][/ul] [pix_tab_content title=”Find Competitor Guest Posts”]Tired of chasing your competitors tail? Just want to know where the bodies are buried? This may help…

(intext:”guest post” AND intext:””)[/pix_tab_content]
[pix_tab_content title=”Niche Guest Post Opportunities”]How about looking for guest post opportunities that don’t necessarily mention it in the page title or URL?

(intext:”keyword” AND intext:”guest post” OR intext:”submit post”)[/pix_tab_content]
[pix_tab_content title=”Interesting Documents”]I’m not going to judge you for looking for something interesting. Want some niche specific content, just add a keyword.

(filetype:xls OR filetype:pdf OR filetype:doc) “not for public”[/pix_tab_content]

I’m aware that none of these are groundbreaking but they do help you go on to create larger and more accurate searches.

What are your favourites? How would you improve on the ones above?

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