Lolling @ Search Queries

I was just reviewing some of the searches that people have done to arrive at this wonderful site over the last month or so and thought that I would share them with the class. I have decided to link internally to the most ‘relevant’ page. As you will see below some of them are slightly off the mark…

Haha, yes I swear these are all true. I’m sure that some of you are probably at fault for a few of these but they just remind me of the superb resource I provide here at theĀ 01100111011001010110010101101011plex!

I’ve also realised that I should probably tone down the swearing at some point. Might put together a sexy pie chart that shows the percentage of organic visitors who arrived using one swear word or more. Or not.

There was also another particular search phrase that I wanted to add but couldn’t as it was pretty personal about a guy in the industry that I have a fair amount of respect for. No I won’t say who or what. No not even for that!

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