SEO Posts – Vol III

Evening all, if you have a spare hour or two I’d advise that you read the following awesome articles: Anchor text articles for the link lovers out there! Article 1 features an experiment in anchor text, should you use branded, keyword rich or a partial mix of both? In Article 2 James from Quumf writes […]

Some Thoughts on the Farmer Update

I don’t think that the internet can take another post on Panda so I’ve decided to write about the Farmer update… Lets start off with a quote! “My opinion is that Panda is the start of something relatively new for Google. They are using the aggregated opinions of their quality raters, in combination with machine […]

SEO Quotes, I said SEO Quotes!

Afternoon, it’s rather warm out and I’m looking for a distraction from learning C++ so without any further ado here are some “SEO Quotes” that I like: “(Content + structure) x exposure x time x links = increased traffic and success” – Mr Stuntdubl “POPULARITY + RELEVANCE” – Mr Rvll “SEO is not SPAM.” — […]