Being Wrong

How often have you read or even said the following? “If you’re doing x like y you’re doing it wrong.” “Oh I can’t believe that agency x still uses that link building technique…” “Any clients that have been bludgeoned by an update were won after they were hit, nothing to do with us!” When you […]

The Breakup Shake-Up: Dumped by a Client

Hey dudes & dudettes, guest post time again 🙂 Today we are with Dustin Verburg a writer and musician based in Boise, ID. When he’s not playing guitar, Dustin writes about good blogging practices, white hat SEO and internet ethics. He writes for Page One Power, a relevancy first link building service. You can also find him on Twitter. […]

Dear Rand Fishkin…

Don’t worry Moz fans this isn’t a blog post written about Rand. I have nothing nasty to say 🙂 No this post is based around an interesting email I received the other week. I’ve decided to post it but I’ve left the links in because I’m a nice guy. ——————————————————————————— Dear Rand Fishkin, I really […]