Crap Content = Traffic

Below you will see some traffic data over the last 20 months for The numbers are lame in comparison to my other SEO superstar peers but it doesn’t really matter, so yeah, here it is. If this isn’t proof that spamming the internet with irrelevant content and occasional guest post can get you traffic what else […]

IFTTT > Twitter > Tumblr

Recently I’ve been pissing about with IFTTT to make recipes that allow you to do stuff that is enjoyable but totally unnecessary. So what have I been doing? Glad you asked: I’ve made a recipe that adds all my Twitter favourites to Delicious. Pointless! I’ve made a recipe that emails me once a week to […]

SEO Spammer Trolling

This is an absolute monster of a post. If you enjoy a good ol lolathon then grab a coffee/beer/absinthe whatever and enjoy. Today we have Chris Dyson of Triple SEO back discussing the nuances of trolling SEO companies, laters y’all! ————————————————————— If you work in SEO you know it’s quite common for us to receive those […]

Blaming Competitor X

So how many of you have blamed a competitor for bad link building when resubmitting a site on your clients behalf? “Look at all these dreadful links! We didn’t know that they would do such awful things when we signed up to our natural, white hat, organic online marketing campaign. Oh by the way our […]