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10 Ways Having A Website Will Improve Your SEO!

  1. Own a website and you will definitely rank in Google for any desired term. Want to rank for ‘Finance’? Just start a blog!
  2. In planning for your website be sure to add your keyword into the URL! I think I heard somewhere that exact match URL’s are good, or was it bad? Either way, yeah!
  3. Having a website will totally help your H2 tags, don’t know what H2 tags are? You’ve got alot to learn son!
  4. Getting a new website will definitely help your business because it’s 100% GUARANTEED or your MONEY BACK!
  5. Start a website so you can submit it to search engines! You know how many search engines there are? 1,000’s! Imagine how many people will see your Finance website if you submit it to all of them?
  6. You’ll have a website instead of previously owning nothing, that’s got to be a good thing right?!
  7. Looking after a new website means you can add loads of keywords to the page (pro tip – add your primary term 1000’s of times in white font!)
  8. Having a website is great because it now makes you a guru/ninja/master of your craft. This means you can start talking on Twitter all day instead of doing any actual work! Social media metrics are big this year, or is it next year? Either way it DEFINITELY influences SEO!
  9. Being a webmaster is great, you can talk to people on your own website and everyone knows how useful blog comments are!
  10. Most important of all having a website will improve your SEO because you’re a massive brand! It doesn’t matter that your competitors have been online for the last 10 years developing some great content and massive readership. You deserve to rank, so start your site today and watch the money roll in!
Extra point – Owning a website just totally pimps your SEO – Ask Andrew

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