Ross Hudgens Answers Your SEO Questions!

Hey, hey, hey! I know that you rabid 01100111011001010110010101101011zers have been DESPERATE to find out whether Ross has answered your questions or not! Good news = There were some testing questions asked which have supplied some excellent answers from Ross. Not so good news = Unfortunately I fucked up with my last post where I stupidly thought that […]

Free Links This Way…

I love a good link building service image, they’re full of such hope! Anyway, If you had the opportunity to ask an SEO genius a question, what would you ask? What about if you had the opportunity to ask an SEO genius a question whilst also gaining a free link from an amazing website?* How […]

The Secret Diary Of An Inbound Marketer

Today I’m delighted to announce another guest post from an award winning, high profile inbound marketer. Quite understandably we have had to keep their identity secret in case it caused an issue with their current clients and employer. 9:00 – I get to work, turn my computer on and login to my Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, […]

SEO Needs an Anti-Hero

This genius guest post was written by Joel K, the best looking man in the world  There’s a scene in Batman: The Dark Knight where Batman is interviewing the Joker. I strongly recommend you watch it so that you catch all my awesome Batman references —>  “I don’t want to kill you! …. You […]

Lolling @ Search Queries

I was just reviewing some of the searches that people have done to arrive at this wonderful site over the last month or so and thought that I would share them with the class. I have decided to link internally to the most ‘relevant’ page. As you will see below some of them are slightly […]

Quit Fucking About & Do Some Work!

Each day thousands of SEO’s waste hours of client work time reading the latest news or chatting via social media. There’s always one more article to read, bookmark or tweet about. We’ve got to the stage where we trick ourselves into thinking that everything is fine as long as we are reading SEO based content […]

SEO Scenario – Paid Links

Scenario Page x is the most relevant result for the search query y but it doesn’t rank because it is on a brand new website which has a small amount of content and no links pointing to it. Morally is it wrong to pay for links to improve page x’s ranking results if you are […]

‘Alternative’ Link Building Ideas

I’ve just read through a billion link building documents and my brain is now fried. Whilst it’s cooling down I thought I’d put together a list of link building techniques that I haven’t read before. They probably exist somewhere but anyway… Create a fake interview with someone famous within your sector. I’ve been considering writing […]

I am the Rank King

I’m tired. Like really tired. Where you get dehydrated after sports and feel a bit ‘weird’. Anyway I thought it was worth going through a few keywords that I rank for (don’t check yet!) Pickled Vienetta Slices in Rotherham Scrambled Hard Drives in Hamburg Part Time Particle Physics Courses in Burnley Gabriel Batistuta Fan Club […]

SEO People Lists & Judging an SEO

SEO people lists. We’ve all seen them, articles that talk about the latest SEO wunderkind. They generally contain the same people, including the same descriptions. I was reading the latest one yesterday and it made me think “How does the author know if this person is any good at SEO?” Before I carry on, lets […]

5 Ways a Client Can Sabotage SEO

Today we are going through a few reasons why clients can scupper or sabotage an SEO campaign. Yes there are the obvious reasons like making changes to the website without informing the SEO supplier, poor CMS, long sign off procedures and many more. These are all irritating but what really gets under an SEO’s skin? […]