Being Wrong

How often have you read or even said the following? “If you’re doing x like y you’re doing it wrong.” “Oh I can’t believe that agency x still uses that link building technique…” “Any clients that have been bludgeoned by an update were won after they were hit, nothing to do with us!” When you […]

The Breakup Shake-Up: Dumped by a Client

Hey dudes & dudettes, guest post time again 🙂 Today we are with Dustin Verburg a writer and musician based in Boise, ID. When he’s not playing guitar, Dustin writes about good blogging practices, white hat SEO and internet ethics. He writes for Page One Power, a relevancy first link building service. You can also find him on Twitter. […]

Dear Rand Fishkin…

Don’t worry Moz fans this isn’t a blog post written about Rand. I have nothing nasty to say 🙂 No this post is based around an interesting email I received the other week. I’ve decided to post it but I’ve left the links in because I’m a nice guy. ——————————————————————————— Dear Rand Fishkin, I really […]

Redefining ‘Quality Content’

I’ve just seen an amusing tweet from Lyndon Antcliff (if you’re not following him, go now and do so.) which links to this article The post talks about not aiming to make specific content but just to make something exceptional. The post and tweet combined made me think of a few possible ways to redefine ‘content’ […]

The Angry SEO #3 – Maybe We Shagged Their Wife?

The recent Angry SEO posts (Angry SEO #1 and Angry SEO #2) have gone down really well and today we have issue #3 to deal with. Like the title? Sex sellsss. In today’s issue our secret SEO appears to be a bit upset with a certain section of the industry. As normal if you’d wish to vent about a […]

Panda & Penguin Hyperlol

I’ve just read the following tweet from Chris When I see people moaning within the SEO community I always like to have a look and see what it’s about. I need the drama in my life, without which I’d be nothing. Now the link provided is pointing to a wonderfully titled article –  Finally: An […]

Crap Content = Traffic

Below you will see some traffic data over the last 20 months for The numbers are lame in comparison to my other SEO superstar peers but it doesn’t really matter, so yeah, here it is. If this isn’t proof that spamming the internet with irrelevant content and occasional guest post can get you traffic what else […]

Positivity (or SEO is Alive!)

The SEO world post Panda and Penguin has been difficult leaving many an SEO pretty angry, stressed and confused. I doubt that there are any of you out there who have not had any SEO problems to deal with be it with current or new clients looking to fix algorithm related issues. Maybe you’ve had issues […]

IFTTT > Twitter > Tumblr

Recently I’ve been pissing about with IFTTT to make recipes that allow you to do stuff that is enjoyable but totally unnecessary. So what have I been doing? Glad you asked: I’ve made a recipe that adds all my Twitter favourites to Delicious. Pointless! I’ve made a recipe that emails me once a week to […]