So, You Wanna Be A Brand Huh?

BRAND SIGNALS!! They’re everywhere! It appears that the SEO world in 2013 is about creating a brand (fake it til you make it), standing out within your industry (creating original, interesting, link worthy content) and user metrics (CTR, time on site, returning visitors. You know, all that good stuff) Oh yeah, maybe also a bit […]

Find Places To Add Banner Ads/Links

Small idea. Might work for you, might not. Probably more likely to might work than might not. Add competitor(s) site into OSE / Your link God of choice. Filter results for most possible links (external, to all pages on the root domain) Run report, wait. Perhaps do a sudoku? Or maybe read this? Regardez un lien […]

10 ways to Build Back links!

Making high quality inbound links from web sites is an important task in the search engine optimization process. It is off-page optimization service to boost traffic to the site in advertising, brand books, strengthen links and blogses, and presentations from the forum, all lead indirectly and effective links to web content. Although unique and relevant content […]

Sean’s Links! #2

Some interesting posts. Some about marketing, some not. Some of them you will find interesting. Some of them have great design. Articles: “Self-Improvement Is Masturbation” How to Hack Your Brain The Rise of the Artist – You are the Future The Orgasmic Brain Do You Have Weirdo Syndrome? Lolz Fake – You Are Not Dead […]


Playing around with maps. A content master’s day is always busy. I thought I’d make a map showing the football clubs in London. The key is pretty self explanatory and when you hover over the pins you get club information (address, phone number and league) as well as the website if you click on the […]

50 Shades of Spam

Hey fuckers! Today I have a guest post from Irish Wonder one of the savviest SEO’s I’ve read and talked too. We’ve gone down the road of a mysterious SEO thriller. Enjoy! Disclaimer: the story is based on true events but all the names and website URLs have been changed. Any resemblance to actual people, […]

Interesting Searches

Hey there readers! *closes book, places it in expensive shelf* The site has had a slight revamp and I’m pissing about with a lot of themes and ideas at the moment. Here is the latest incarnation of the alluring 01100111011001010110010101101011 blog. I’ve been playing around with a few searches this week, hopefully a few will help […]

Sean’s Links! #1

Daddy says, read your links or you’re getting no pudding! Listen:   Read:   Google+ an ting

Football Money League 2013 – Who Earns What?

A few findings from the recent football money league results from Deloitte. The results feature all of the teams that you’d expect and although the results feature 20 sides I’ve decided to just use the top 10. How do the top 10 teams appear in terms of matchday, commercial and broadcasting revenue? If that ones […]


I’m sure that you cultured lot will have heard this famous Oscar Wilde quote There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about. This quote to me explains the latest craze of being overly unnecessarily transparent. Pure political spin and attention seeking. Struggling with funding? Someone send […]

The Saloon of Literature

There is a new SEO/Online Marketing blog in town > Welcome to The Saloon of Literature Want to know whether The Saloon is the place for you? The Saloon of Literature is a watering hole for the mind. The Saloon is run by three procacious young barstewards; Sean Revell, known for the most annoying domain […]