Sexy Algorithm Infographic

Three words that I didn’t think I’d ever type in order. I found this infographic via State of Search and thought it was worth sharing 🙂 The original site (Outwilder) also posted a list of Google infographic sources in case you want to read more. If this is too small to read check out this. […]


AHHHHHH!! Where am I? Who am I? Google are striking back and they’re certainly fucking with a few people at the moment. Personally I can’t help thinking that it’s been a long time coming. A real good shake up. So what sort of things have they been doing recently? Create a state of  flux with […]

Reasons Your Rankings Have Dropped & How to Fix it

The three possibilities for ranking drops: You did something wrong – Have you made any recent changes to the website? Where have you recently been building links? Your competitors did something half decent – Have they made any significant on page changes, perhaps a website refresh? Maybe they have increased their link buyin… building budget? The search […]

“Advanced” Twitter Search Operators

Quick post alert! Just came across an interesting page on Twitter that shows how you can do searches specialist searches.  If you are using Twitter to link build then you are probably aware of these already, if not get too it! Check them out below: SEO Blog –> Finds tweets that contains both “SEO” and […]