Crap Content = Traffic

Below you will see some traffic data over the last 20 months for¬† The numbers are lame in comparison to my other SEO superstar peers¬†but it doesn’t really matter, so yeah, here it is. If this isn’t proof that spamming the internet with irrelevant content and occasional guest post can get you traffic what else […]

Couldn’t Think Of A Decent Title

Hi. Pull up a chair. Pour yourself a drink. I’m going to ramble for a bit. This post is more for my benefit than anyone else.¬†I know, another shit personal opinion post plugging up the SEO sector. Close is top right. SEO appears to¬†revolve around 3 areas: Editing pre existing content (relevance) Creating new content […]

#Protip – 1

A simple way to improve an outreach email Today I’m starting a series of #protips. I’m really excited about the project and the opportunity to add some real value to the community. So many outreach (acceptable guest post link spam) emails follow the same line: Hi I’m a massive fan of It must be […]

Anatomy of a Successful Page…

Hmmm… whoever notices the slight lol in the image above wins a discman! This to me typifies 99% of content within the SEO/inbound/online marketing sector. Attempting to come across as knowledgeable without actually using any of their own advice. I’m sure the content is half decent but come on guys, you take ages to put […]

SEO Merchandise – International Phenomenon

You have probably forgotten it already but I recently wrote a post about SEO Merchandise¬†featuring a few T-Shirts full of in-jokes and lols aplenty. I had fun making them, had a chuckle in the comments section and thought nothing more of it. A few weeks later I got an email from Bill Rowland¬†the organiser of […]

Trust Issues Within The SEO Industry

This post isn’t about trust in a domain authority or a brand sense but in terms of good ol’ fashioned, reliably certain trust. If you have trust issues the definition is below… Reliance¬†on¬†the¬†integrity,¬†strength,¬†ability,¬†surety,¬†etc.,¬†of¬†a person¬†or¬†thing;¬†confidence. How can you build trust? Fear not. there are many ways to build both real and artificial trust online. Unfortunately the […]

The SEO Coding Fallacy

For the second time in 24 hours David Cohen has given me an idea about a new post, this is something that I’ve been thinking about for a while. To learn how to code or not learn how to code and whether it would benefit me both professionally and in terms of future ‘experiments’. It […]

Outing & Anonymous SEO Confessions

I read two posts today. The first one was a 4,000 word article about outing another SEO supplier and probable competitor. Unfortunately once again an article about outing certain SEO techniques gained a lot of attention via social media (particularly Twitter). I used to try and avoid these types of posts but actually I’ve decided […]