1 Amazing Relationship Building Tip You’ll Never Believe Exists!

I wake up and the first thing I think about is SEO/outreach/relationship building/sharing content. What’s wrong with me? (don’t answer that). Does this nightmare ever end? Short post discussing an idea I’m not sure I’ve heard anyone mention. One of the biggest problems that people often have when trying to ‘build relationships’ with influencers within […]

Blaming Competitor X

So how many of you have blamed a competitor for bad link building when resubmitting a site on your clients behalf? “Look at all these dreadful links! We didn’t know that they would do such awful things when we signed up to our natural, white hat, organic online marketing campaign. Oh by the way our […]

SEO Merchandise!

I’ve been getting hateful comments from Andrew Mcgarry about the lack of merchandise on this website. He’s right, I should of got on that horse along time ago… With this in mind I’ve put a few t-shirts together (I REALLY NEED TO GET A LIFE) I’m sure I’ll no doubt see someone replicating this and […]

How X Taught Me To Be A Better Y!

I realise that this viewpoint is far from original and that people rip on it all the time but if I read another article based around how my blind rottweiler taught me to be a better content writer, I will unleash my ever willing army of 01100111011001010110010101101011 disciples to burn down your blog. Meet the lads… Sleep well […]


Post layout: Reasoning/idea of post (usually stupid) Mock someone (inferiority complex) Obvious remark (is obvious) Average insight (stolen from elsewhere) Attempt at humour (stolen from Bill Hicks) Statement (terrifyingly cutting) Moral/point/purpose (usually lacking)

Stuff What People Liked…

One of those internal linking posts… Everyone’s being transparent nowadays so I thought I’d follow suit 🙂 Most Popular Articles on http://01100111011001010110010101101011.co.uk in 2012 (so far!): SEO Needs an Anti Hero (5,799 views) The Secret Diary of an Inbound Marketer (5,575 views) The Best Interviews You Will Read in 2012 (4,969 views) Alternative Link Building […]


This morning I was talking to James Perrott on Twitter about the SEO industries love for a good ol fashioned winners and losers list. The dudes at Search Metrics have tried to steal a march on others by creating a list that shows the winners and losers from the most recent webspam update. I can […]

Lolling @ Search Queries

I was just reviewing some of the searches that people have done to arrive at this wonderful site over the last month or so and thought that I would share them with the class. I have decided to link internally to the most ‘relevant’ page. As you will see below some of them are slightly […]

I am the Rank King

I’m tired. Like really tired. Where you get dehydrated after sports and feel a bit ‘weird’. Anyway I thought it was worth going through a few keywords that I rank for (don’t check yet!) Pickled Vienetta Slices in Rotherham Scrambled Hard Drives in Hamburg Part Time Particle Physics Courses in Burnley Gabriel Batistuta Fan Club […]