Celebrities And Their Carpets

Today I’m delighted to announce a quality infographic from Action Carpets & Flooring Showrooms in Kent brought to you via Kevin Bland an SEO who specialises within the carpet and flooring niche (please get in contact with him for any commercial or domestic carpet/flooring search engine optimisation needs). Anyway, on with the show.  

The Day Matt Cutts Snapped

Welcome dear reader. Once again the best stuff on this blog is written or made by other people, today I pass this gift on to you. Today we have a guest post by Patrick Hathaway, who is currently the in-house SEO for promotional gifts company Ideasbynet, although he will be joining Hit Reach shortly (and has already started building links […]

50 Shades of Spam

Hey fuckers! Today I have a guest post from Irish Wonder one of the savviest SEO’s I’ve read and talked too. We’ve gone down the road of a mysterious SEO thriller. Enjoy! Disclaimer: the story is based on true events but all the names and website URLs have been changed. Any resemblance to actual people, […]

Leaked Documents Reveal Google’s Plans for Rio 2016

In line with Google’s mission to organise the world’s information, Google has deemed it necessary to take over running of the Olympic Games, starting at Rio 2016. The Google Organising the Olympic Games (GOOG) Committee is committed to delivering the best user experience for everyone involved in the Olympics, including but not restricted to the […]

Top 10 Signs You Are A SEO Diva

This awesome guest post was written by the Online Marketing Owl. SEO webslinger. Content Creation Caped Crusader. Social Media Watchman. PPC Yie-Ar-Kung-Fu. SEOmozer – Andrew McGarry – Find out more about him here (look natural anchor text!) In an industry full of self-proclaimed experts and no proper certification, SEO sometimes feels like a biggus dickus competition. Some […]

If Richard Branson & Henry Ford had a lovechild…

Let’s be honest, he wouldn’t be much of a looker but there is every chance he would have the maddest link building skillz on the planet. Here’s why…. Richard Branson Meticulous attention to detail Winning personality and charm Great publicist Henry Ford Innovator A great systemiser Consistency, reliability What can Branson-Ford teach us about link […]

SEO Needs an Anti-Hero

This genius guest post was written by Joel K, the best looking man in the world  There’s a scene in Batman: The Dark Knight where Batman is interviewing the Joker. I strongly recommend you watch it so that you catch all my awesome Batman references —> http://www.metacafe.com/watch/2164222/dark_knight_batman_interrogates_joker_scene/  “I don’t want to kill you! …. You […]