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Hi 01100111011001010110010101101011zers! My name is Rand Fishkin and today I am fortunate enough to interview Sean from http://01100111011001010110010101101011.co.uk. I’m really excited to get his thoughts and I’m sure that you are too so without any further ado, lets get cracking with the questions!

What qualifies you to write on the topics you cover?


Do you have any other claims to fame?


Who are you?

An SEO drone.

What’s the purpose of this site?

This site gives me an outlet to discuss ideas and thoughts within SEO that I don’t really see anywhere else. This obviously doesn’t make it anyway useful or insightful. I might start writing a few top tips based articles in the future as I’ve been told that’s what I’m meant to be doing.

What does your site have to offer?

Well Rand, I’m glad you asked. The site covers quite a few topics ranging between useful, insightful and downright stupid. You’ll find my greatest hits below:


  1. Exact Keyword Domains, They Fucking Work!
  2. SEO People Lists & Judging an SEO
  3. Reasons Your Rankings Have Dropped & How to Fix it
  4. SEO’s Say The Stupidest Things!


  1. The Best SEO Posts of 2011 (ACTUALLY)
  2. Scraping Google for Guest Posting Opportunities
  3. An SEO Interview with Michael King (aka iPullRank)
  4. An Interview with Michael Martinez of SEO Theory


  1. ‘Alternative’ Link Building Ideas
  2. I am the Rank King
  3. SEO’s Say The Stupidest Things!
  4. Ways That Google Could Fuck Up SEO in 2012

Who is it written for?

The site is written for anyone who wants to discuss SEO in any shape or form. The comment section is also do follow so people have been milking link juice from my magnificent site.

Do you accept guest posts?

If I’ve talked to you in some capacity and you have an interesting idea that you can’t necessarily add to your company blog or just want to write it here for a link or two give me a shout.

Can I guest post on here then?

We’ve been through this Rand…

But, you never really gave me a proper ans…

We’ve been through this Rand!

O.k, cool well why is your URL in binary?

I originally wanted to buy geek.co.uk and unfortunately it was taken, I was thinking of similar based websites and then it hit me! Put it in binary! I know it’s crap in terms of branding but that’s not the purpose of the site.

Right, well I’m done I think, what other information do people like to read on an about page?

I’m not sure to be honest, I’m a bit hungover and can’t think of any other questions that you should have asked. If there is anything that my dear readers would like to know then be sure to ask in the comments section below.

Cool well thanks for your time Sean, it’s been interesting.

No problem Rand 🙂

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  1. You put ‘except’ spam from friends? It’s ACCEPT you damn Neanderthal… other than that, great blog.

  2. Goddamn this is a funny blog –
    and so informative too, you have reshaped my thinking on SEO and I am now going to follow ALL of your top notch advice and ideas!

    Funny on page 1 you suggested that if you ever get the balls to make a fake interview with R.Fishkin you might try that lame tactic, then I go to about us to learn more about who wrote this menagerie of musings and low and behold, you DID put up and interview with Rand asking you questions.

    You retard, I am going to have to follow you or something.


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