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Sup 0110ersss

I know, I know, it’s been a while.

You may or not have noticed that I’ve been away for a bit? I’ve been working on new things in and out of the marketing world and thought I might write something for da lolz. It’s nice to have the site back to myself again after the SEO fame experienced before.

Anyway enough rambling. Lets get to it.

There are some cool keyword research resources out there but everyone knows about them already and sometimes you’re trying to find areas that aren’t obvious to the minds eye. You’re after the ‘secret sauce’ that gets you a unique insight above your competition.

In my absence I have found that there is a ‘real world’ out there and you can do stuff in it!

So whatchyado?

  • Watch – Watching videos/films about your subject – How do these people interact, what do they say, what kind of body language do they display?
  • Discuss– Offline store? Visit it, talk to staff, customers etc. Maybe pretend to be a mystery shopper?
  • Listen – Conference? Visit it, mingle, listen, discuss ideas with your fellow man.
  • Read – Follow all big hitters on social media, read their favourite things of interest, what are the topics/mantra’s that are constantly repeated?
  • Get out of your head 1 – Go on a run, gain access to subconscious.
  • Get out of your head 2 – Take hallucinogens with a product (wrench, printer, fish).
  • Competition – Check the #1 site in the market (o.k so the client will say it’s them but check out the real #1 (not always the #1 result for the ‘big term)) – Export a crying toad report and check out what terms they use for page titles. Primarily – Be sure to include these terms in your 3d keyword research zzzzzzzz. Secondarily – Compare it to your site layout, how does it differ? Do they offer products/pages that you don’t? Why? As an aside when you’re deciding on you page title formatting check out the top ten results for 5/10 of your ‘vital’ terms to see how your competitors write them. I guarantee you’ll pick something cool up by doing so.
  • Hold a seance – Ask the dead for tips on what they’d search for (you may have to explain the concept of Google and the internet but give it a bash).
  • Survey locally – Knock on doors, send letters, spam emails. Whatever. Find out what local people are looking for (even if you don’t sell it yet…) and give it to them. Simple.
  • Ask anyone for their opinion – Some resources will tell you that you have to drill down to find a specific persona. Your average shopper is male, 35, overweight and partial to r/gonewild (if you don’t know, now you know…) Brilliant! You should now use the majority of your resources targeting this demographic, right? Nope. If you want to maintain your sales then yeah cater for them but if you want new customers and your business to grow it’s worth considering others and that means asking anyone and everyone.

Make sure that you take notes of 1) what the person is saying and b) what you are thinking when listening to them. These additional areas/terms can be very useful when checking for potential traffic numbers in SEMRush.


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