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A casual foray into the average Google SERP will show that Google is scraping, stealing and adding whatever they want to the the top of the search results.


The results are mixed. Do I like them stealing content from other websites using it to inform the searching herd? No not really. Does it answer the users need quicker than previous? Yes. Is it necessary for them to steal the top of the SERPs for some crappy xfactor competition? Nah bruv. I could take screenshots but you’ve all seen examples on respectable SEO sites. This and, well, I can’t be arsed.

So why should this give you a reason to sort the level and quality of your content out sooner rather than later? I don’t think it takes a great degree of cynicism or foresight to believe that Google will be looking to rollout more of these content stealing, paid advertising blurring, acts of positional theft.

Basically the sooner you have a reputation for having decent content/products the better.

If people know you have a product/content/anything! that others can’t and won’t offer (whether scraped or not) then they will choose your website regardless. Do you think the idiots that read Buzzfeed ummm and ahhh over the holy 10 choices when they see a Buzzfeed URL pop up? Nah bruv.

So what does this mean? Well if Google hasn’t already come to fuck up your SERP (and you can be sure that they will (or your niche has fuck all money in it)) then you’d better act now, get quality writers in, create a hub of value that people rate and you will survive/minimise any reduction in visitors when Google come to gobble up your hard earned (lol) organic traffic.

I could’ve probably just tweeted this.

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