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Published on July 29th, 2013 | by 011100110110010


Hijacking Industry Rockstars For Links


Morning all.
Quick post about influencers and how you could gain contextual links off the back of them.
#RCS this ain’t but it might help get a few more links than normal and who doesn’t want that? I wouldn’t recommend that you do the following for client sites however it might be worth trying on a few ‘test’ sites that you have…
A large proportion of people online want to be seen as an influencer. Someone who can hit publish and gain 100 links, tweet and get 1000’s of RT’s and add something on inbound and get 3 comments. Unfortunately there is only room for a select few at the top, where does this leave the rest of us? The average joe’s? The losers? How can we get a slice of yummy influencer pie?
  1. Research and choose a popular writer within your chosen market.
  2. Create a gmail account with their name. For bonus sneakiness steal their author box image and make a signature of twitter/website/email stuff.
  3. Contact blog/sites on the rockstar’s behalf and ask whether you can guest post.
  4. Create guest post, include link to client/own blog etc.
  5. Send over to site.
  6. Cross fingers that it gets added and no-one finds out.
Potential wins:
  • Increase in % of outreach emails converting to live posts and thus more links. 
  • Increased visitors via the guest posts because the link out is from a trusted source.
Potential pitfalls:
  • You’re caught and the website that you link out too from your post is seen in a negative light.

Do the wins outweigh the pitfalls or vice versa? It’s up to you to work it out.

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One day I will make a living out of this industry, until then I'll carry on writing here.

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  1. Jay R says:

    This goes beyond the whole white-hat/black-hat deal and steps into just plain illegal. This is the kind of bad karma that will have the brakes go out on your car as you’re heading into a sharp turn on the edge of a cliff, and btw, you’ve got a bunch of balloons full of aids-infected blood in the passenger seat.

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