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Monitoring Rankings For Large SEO Brands

I’ve been toying around with the idea of monitoring keyword behaviour for the largest SEO brands.

This isn’t for a malicious reason but merely out of interest.

I’m interested in finding out how the bigger boys are doing? What do they rank for? What do they want to rank for?

Oh and also to see whether any of them get penalised…

To be honest I’m surprised that no-one thought of it earlier a bit like a team of the week, seeding or class rankings (maybe they did and thought it was a shit idea – ed)

Well when I saying toying around with, I’ve been tracking keyword rankings in for the following brands:


Are there any other brands or news sites worth checking? Is there a cool experiment that could be made from this?

I would like to do a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly post discussing who has been successful/not as successful.

p.s The ‘Why Do You Write’ post received data from over 100 SEO’s/online marketers. If you want to use it for a post just ask.

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2 comments on “Monitoring Rankings For Large SEO Brands

  1. You could go one step further and create a Fantasy SEO league, where you choose a bunch of celebrities and companies and create an Ultimate SEO Team of Power and score them based on key term movement and them all important retweets.

    Ingenious idea!

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    1. Hmmm… This idea is actually better than mine. Back to the drawing board!

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