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Find Places To Add Banner Ads/Links

Small idea. Might work for you, might not. Probably more likely to might work than might not.

  1. Add competitor(s) site into OSE / Your link God of choice.
  2. Filter results for most possible links (external, to all pages on the root domain)
  3. Run report, wait. Perhaps do a sudoku? Or maybe read this? Regardez un lien naturel!
  4. Export report and put it in order of anchor text. Scroll down to ‘img alt’
  5. You now have a list of sites that could accept image based links for your brand. Some of these sites will no doubt be owned by your competitors so do your research or at least think about this when you are doing your outreach!
  6. If the first competitor doesn’t work for you then maybe try the top 10 results in OSE? I have just ran a report for a top site in the ‘holidays’ search market and have hundreds of websites to target/manipulate/fuck. It could well be that they aren’t interested in you adding image ads but maybe they’re more ‘down to GP’ than other sites would? Only one way to find out I suppose…
  7. Yes, this is likely to cost money, hence the ‘Buy Links’ area of the title.

O.k, Sean I kinda like the idea but I’m not totally sold.

Why would I really want to do this?

Well, it’s a visual world and aren’t SEO’s forever talking about gaining links that also get click throughs? Remember da Googz is always watching.

Here’s another reason why you should look into putting links in images… >  Yes it’s an experiment and yes it’s probably not flawless but it’s something worth testing for yourself non? If you don’t read the DejanSEO blog I recommend you do, add it to your Google Reader list or somethink. lol.


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4 comments on “Find Places To Add Banner Ads/Links

  1. this is definitely going in my Google reader list to really really read for later. for now, I’ll tell you it’s a great idea and twee it to the masses.

    i also gave you stars. you should make me a moderator, so i can give you more than just one man’s vote on starz. that way the peoplez would me more fooled and you would look better, Sean.

    now let’s get down to why i really made this comment. boom.

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    1. some philosophinkt once said that ‘we’re all made of starz’ so I thought “I wonder if my blog posts could ever be valued in such a way?” and I made it so.

      I’ll let you in on a secret. When I remember I sometimes give myself 10starz. I have int he past given myself less if I didn’t like the post very much. An honest writer.

      Oh look a shooting starz!

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