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Football Money League 2013 – Who Earns What?

A few findings from the recent football money league results from Deloitte. The results feature all of the teams that you’d expect and although the results feature 20 sides I’ve decided to just use the top 10.

How do the top 10 teams appear in terms of matchday, commercial and broadcasting revenue?

top 10 - total revenue #1

If that ones a little confusing maybe have a look at this. It goes in order of matchday, broadcasting and commercial revenue. Interesting eh? 🙂 If Arsenal had Manchester City’s commercial revenue they’d be the 3rd richest team in the world. You can also see that Bayern (and German football generally) have cheaper tickets and the league as a whole isn’t marketed as well as the premier league. However they make the most commercially so they must be doing something right!

top 10 - total revenue #2

This last one shows the matchday revenue (red) in comparison to average matchday attendance (blue). Arsenal are particularly savvy in this regard, despite not winning a trophy for years. Here you can also see a high attendance but relatively low matchday revenue for Bayern (as mentioned previously with ticket prices). Manchester City should be looking to get more out of their fans but I’ve discussed that elsewhere before…

top 10 - total revenue #3

I know, slightly off topic but hopefully interesting none the less.

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