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The Saloon of Literature is a watering hole for the mind. The Saloon is run by three procacious young barstewards; Sean Revell, known for the most annoying domain name ever, Anthony Pensabene, known for his content-based musings, and Patrick Hathaway, known for his refreshingly honest posts about link reconsideration.

The Saloon will play host to opinion and insight on the overlapping worlds of SEO, social media, digital marketing and business. This blog was borne of a mutual hatred of blog comments of the form, ‘This is awesome, thanks for sharing’. Such meaningless banality has no place in the Saloon, where patrons are encouraged to participate in healthy debate and offer up the value of perspective. The Saloon is a place where lonely drinkers can go if they don’t agree with something, or if they want to challenge convention, rather than drowning in a self-regurgitating echo chamber of bullshit.

In the Saloon, opinion is revered. Conjecture is entertained. Banter is positively endorsed.

We will not condemn you, we will not ostracize or exclude you; for we are as you – lonely drinkers at the bar.

No Shirt, No Shoes?  Fuck it.  Come on in…
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