SEO Merchandise!

I’ve been getting hateful comments from Andrew Mcgarry about the lack of merchandise on this website. He’s right, I should of got on that horse along time ago… With this in mind I’ve put a few t-shirts together (I REALLY NEED TO GET A LIFE) I’m sure I’ll no doubt see someone replicating this and […]

How X Taught Me To Be A Better Y!

I realise that this viewpoint is far from original and that people rip on it all the time but if I read another article based around how my blind rottweiler taught me to be a better content writer, I will unleash my ever willing army of 01100111011001010110010101101011 disciples to burn down your blog. Meet the lads… Sleep well […]

Top 10 Signs You Are A SEO Diva

This awesome guest post was written by the Online Marketing Owl. SEO webslinger. Content Creation Caped Crusader. Social Media Watchman. PPC Yie-Ar-Kung-Fu. SEOmozer – Andrew McGarry – Find out more about him here (look natural anchor text!) In an industry full of self-proclaimed experts and no proper certification, SEO sometimes feels like a biggus dickus competition. Some […]


I recently received a small snippet of music from my dear friend @twotterspammer and thought I’d add it here. If you remember this video you will recognise a few samples… #shortpostyeah? Good huh? Reminds me a bit of Boards of Canada. What do you think?

Trust Issues Within The SEO Industry

This post isn’t about trust in a domain authority or a brand sense but in terms of good ol’ fashioned, reliably certain trust. If you have trust issues the definition is below… Reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing; confidence. How can you build trust? Fear not. there are many ways to build both real and artificial trust online. Unfortunately the […]