Stuff What People Liked…

One of those internal linking posts… Everyone’s being transparent nowadays so I thought I’d follow suit 🙂

Most Popular Articles on in 2012 (so far!):

  1. SEO Needs an Anti Hero (5,799 views)
  2. The Secret Diary of an Inbound Marketer (5,575 views)
  3. The Best Interviews You Will Read in 2012 (4,969 views)
  4. Alternative Link Building Ideas (1,670 views)
  5. Ross Hudgens Answers Your SEO Questions (1,621 views)

Uninterestingly I got more traffic to the blog in February 2012 than I got throughout 2011. I know you’re after more quality content so who am I to deprive you…

Most Popular Articles on in 2011:

  1. Synonyms, Hyponyms and SEO (1,070 views)
  2. An SEO Interview with Michael King (aka iPullRank) (1,041 views)
  3. An Interview with Michael Martinez of SEO Theory (735 views)
  4. Scraping Google for Guest Posting Opportunities (611 views)
  5. SEO Myths? SEO Myths! SEO Miffs… (233 views)
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