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Published on April 19th, 2012 | by 011100110110010



AHHHHHH!! Where am I? Who am I?

Google are striking back and they’re certainly fucking with a few people at the moment. Personally I can’t help thinking that it’s been a long time coming. A real good shake up. So what sort of things have they been doing recently?

  1. Create a state of  flux with multiple largish algorithm updates within a short time frame. Guffaw!
  2. Send 1,000’s of automated emails via Google Webmaster Tools (yeah I haven’t received one either…) Snort!
  3. Promise more updates targeting ‘over optimisation’ and levelling the playing field. Chortle!
  4. Randomly choose to remove websites from Google’s index and call it a ‘glitch’. Whoops!
  5. Negative SEO’s who are doing bad things with the internets being given more airtime. Lulz!

There’s something exciting about it all. The chaos it has created is amusing and people everywhere are going crazy. I can only imagine what is going on in the background with large agencies and in-house SEO’s.

  • “What’s happened to my rankings?”
  • “Why has Seer disappeared from the SERPs? It’s gonna be me next I know it!”
  • “Why has Google sent me that email and not penalised me yet?”
  • “Remove all links and resubmit!”
  • “Whatever happens DO NOT remove links and resubmit to Google!”
  • “I fucking hate checking and contacting websites that link to my client”
  • “I better dust up on PPC”
  • Have I been fucked by Google?
  • Etc, etc, etc…

All I can say is I bet Matt Cutts et all are absolutely pissing themselves at the moment, I know I would be.

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2 Responses to Panic!

  1. Dave says:

    I think it’s funny seeing how many people are panicking, and I reckon that’s half the aim. scaremonger people into fixing their stuff “just in case” to make Google’s life easier. Lets face it most of the people who are worried are just plain shit SEO’s, the good ones will just quietly adapt if needed and carry on laughing at the people who have been stupid all this time getting butt raped by the big G :).

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  2. Brandon says:

    Panic is really the only way to describe what has been going on recently. I have seen questions about recent happenings all over the bard, from all sorts of different SEOs. Also, I highly doubt there is a simple answer to any questions in regards to what Google has been up to. THe world may never know…
    It will just come down to who adapts and innovates quicker/better.

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