Stuff What People Liked…

One of those internal linking posts… Everyone’s being transparent nowadays so I thought I’d follow suit 🙂 Most Popular Articles on in 2012 (so far!): SEO Needs an Anti Hero (5,799 views) The Secret Diary of an Inbound Marketer (5,575 views) The Best Interviews You Will Read in 2012 (4,969 views) Alternative Link Building […]


This morning I was talking to James Perrott on Twitter about the SEO industries love for a good ol fashioned winners and losers list. The dudes at Search Metrics have tried to steal a march on others by creating a list that shows the winners and losers from the most recent webspam update. I can […]

If Richard Branson & Henry Ford had a lovechild…

Let’s be honest, he wouldn’t be much of a looker but there is every chance he would have the maddest link building skillz on the planet. Here’s why…. Richard Branson Meticulous attention to detail Winning personality and charm Great publicist Henry Ford Innovator A great systemiser Consistency, reliability What can Branson-Ford teach us about link […]


AHHHHHH!! Where am I? Who am I? Google are striking back and they’re certainly fucking with a few people at the moment. Personally I can’t help thinking that it’s been a long time coming. A real good shake up. So what sort of things have they been doing recently? Create a state of  flux with […]

Ross Hudgens Answers Your SEO Questions!

Hey, hey, hey! I know that you rabid 01100111011001010110010101101011zers have been DESPERATE to find out whether Ross has answered your questions or not! Good news = There were some testing questions asked which have supplied some excellent answers from Ross. Not so good news = Unfortunately I fucked up with my last post where I stupidly thought that […]