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Guaranteed Traffic Increases (or your money back)

Yes I know, the title makes me sounds like a twat. “Yeah right, like he can’t guarentee traffic! He can’t even spell guarantee!” I’m actually quite happy to put my balls on the line and say that if you work in the following areas you will have an increase in traffic to your website.

Keyword analysis for keywords that are currently bringing traffic to the website.

Review past traffic terms in Google Analytics/Google Webmaster Tools. Export data, review what page ranks in Google for that term. Improve it – make it more ‘relevant’ (you all know how to do this) make it more ‘popular’ (some of you know how to do this…) In fact you could probably do this with just on page alone, well at least I have and I don’t really know what I’m doing

= Increase in traffic

Keyword review for keywords that can potentially bring traffic to the website.

Use keyword research tools to find keywords that are relevant to your sector. Export data, review competition to predict whether this term is a short or long term goal. Either edit pages that already exist so that you can incorporate your new keywords or create new content that revolves around your new keywords

Increase in traffic

Now yes it may not always be as easy as that, there are a million things that can get in your way including site limitations, competition in the SERPs, your brands a piece of shit etc but unless there is a massive algorithm change that fucks you over there really should be no reason why a website doesn’t increase in traffic over time, right? I mean if the sector you are working in is that competitive surely there is an secondary or tertiary level of terms that also get traffic?

Now whether that increase in traffic is enough to keep a client or your boss happy that is another question entirely… Premium 01100111011001010110010101101011zers can get in contact via twitter to discuss any possible refund on their monthly fee.

Am I missing something here? Am I a complete idiot? Of course I am, thoughts as always are appreciated below.

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2 comments on “Guaranteed Traffic Increases (or your money back)

  1. These are some ways to increase traffic – the question is just how much more you’ll get. But if you see +1 visitor as an increase in traffic, you’re spot on and this logic is infallible.

    It really does come down to improving visibility in existing niches or expanding into new ones.

    The challenge is in HOW you do that.

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