I am the Rank King

I’m tired. Like really tired. Where you get dehydrated after sports and feel a bit ‘weird’. Anyway I thought it was worth going through a few keywords that I rank for (don’t check yet!) Pickled Vienetta Slices in Rotherham Scrambled Hard Drives in Hamburg Part Time Particle Physics Courses in Burnley Gabriel Batistuta Fan Club […]

Funniest SEO Moment of 2011

Kris Roadruck ranting about white hat SEO (negative) Rand Fishkin ranting about white hat SEO (positive) People thinking that Kris’ rant was written as ironic linkbait. If you don’t think that Kris’ post was a superbly, passionate and honest article showing his true feelings about the SEO industry then you’re an idiot.

Reasons Your Rankings Have Dropped & How to Fix it

The three possibilities for ranking drops: You did something wrong – Have you made any recent changes to the website? Where have you recently been building links? Your competitors did something half decent – Have they made any significant on page changes, perhaps a website refresh? Maybe they have increased their link buyin… building budget? The search […]