I’m sure that you cultured lot will have heard this famous Oscar Wilde quote There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about. This quote to me explains the latest craze of being overly unnecessarily transparent. Pure political spin and attention seeking. Struggling with funding? Someone send […]

The Saloon of Literature

There is a new SEO/Online Marketing blog in town > Welcome to The Saloon of Literature Want to know whether The Saloon is the place for you? The Saloon of Literature is a watering hole for the mind. The Saloon is run by three procacious young barstewards; Sean Revell, known for the most annoying domain […]

Being Wrong

How often have you read or even said the following? “If you’re doing x like y you’re doing it wrong.” “Oh I can’t believe that agency x still uses that link building technique…” “Any clients that have been bludgeoned by an update were won after they were hit, nothing to do with us!” When you […]

The Breakup Shake-Up: Dumped by a Client

Hey dudes & dudettes, guest post time again 🙂 Today we are with Dustin Verburg a writer and musician based in Boise, ID. When he’s not playing guitar, Dustin writes about good blogging practices, white hat SEO and internet ethics. He writes for Page One Power, a relevancy first link building service. You can also find him on Twitter. […]

Dear Rand Fishkin…

Don’t worry Moz fans this isn’t a blog post written about Rand. I have nothing nasty to say 🙂 No this post is based around an interesting email I received the other week. I’ve decided to post it but I’ve left the links in because I’m a nice guy. ——————————————————————————— Dear Rand Fishkin, I really […]

Crap Content = Traffic

Below you will see some traffic data over the last 20 months for The numbers are lame in comparison to my other SEO superstar peers but it doesn’t really matter, so yeah, here it is. If this isn’t proof that spamming the internet with irrelevant content and occasional guest post can get you traffic what else […]