I was going to write a list of SEO blogs/posts that I liked this year and in fact I still might but thought it was worth mentioning a few albums that I have enjoyed listening to over the last year.

Now I’m a global SEO star I think it’s time to remember the little people and give a little back… However if you do not use Spotify you may be slightly disappointed with my ‘Standout Track’ and ‘Where can I listen to it’ recommendations.

Snowman – Absence:

Snowman - Absence

Pretentious thought – Glacial Minimalism.

Standout track – Snowman – Memory Lost

Where can I listen to it? – Snowman – ABSENCE

Zomby – Nothing:

Zomby - Nothing

Pretentious thought – Jungle delights.

Standout track – Zomby – Ecstasy Versions

Where can I listen to it? – Zomby – Nothing

The Antlers – Burst Apart:

The Antlers - Burst Apart

Pretentious thought – Crushingly Beautiful.

Standout track – The Antlers – Corsicana (I’m not kidding around you have to listen to this song, quite possibly the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard).

Where can I listen to it? – The Antlers – Burst Apart

Mastodon – The Hunter:

Mastodon - The Hunter

Pretentious thought – Metallic Orgasm.

Standout track – Mastodon – Spectrelight

Where can I listen to it? – Mastodon – The Hunter

Sleep ∞ Over – Forever:

Sleep ∞ Over - Forever

Pretentious thought – Shoegaze minus guitars

Standout track – Sleep ∞ Over – Behind Closed Doors

Where can I listen to it? – Sleep ∞ Over – Forever

Tyler the Creator – Goblin

Tyler the Creator - Goblin

Pretentious thought – Angry indie rap

Standout track – Tyler, The Creator – Yonkers

Where can I listen to it? – Tyler, The Creator – Goblin

White Hills – H-p1

White Hills - H-p1

Pretentious thought – Blood Meridian Genocide

Standout track – White Hills – The Condition of Nothing

Where can I listen to it? – White Hills – H-p1

Deepchord – Hash Bar Loops:

Deepchord - Hash Bar Loops:

Pretentious thought – Minimal Dub Techno

Standout track – Deepchord – Sofitel

Where can I listen to it? – Deepchord – Hash-Bar Loops

Real Estate – Days

Real Estate - Days

Pretentious thought – Sundrenched Pop

Standout track – Real Estate – Younger Than Yesterday (only just pipped by Corsicana for song of the year).

Where can I listen to it? – Real Estate – Days

Other albums that were pretty good:

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