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Published on September 25th, 2011 | by 01110010011101100110110001101100


The Consequences of Love

I don’t usually write about anything that is none SEO related but I have just watched an outstanding film and felt the need to share.

If you have a spare £6 and 100 minutes please buy this film:

The Consequences of Love

“Paolo Sorrentino’s gripping psychological thriller probes the dark secret harboured by middle-aged Italian loner Titta Di Girolamo, who has lived for eight years in an anonymous Swiss hotel. Elegantly dressed, he impassively spends his days in the lobby of the hotel bar, observing the guests and staff with cool detachment. But his icy demeanour cracks when he begins to talk to attractive barmaid Sofia, and the terrible truth about Tizza’s concealed world begins to unravel. Featuring masterfully restrained performances from Toni Servillo and Olivia Magnani, ‘The Consequences of Love’ is a tightly plotted, stylishly executed thriller that marks Sorrentino as an exciting and original filmmaker”

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