Below you will find SEO posts that I have been reading over the last couple of weeks. I hope that you enjoy my SEO Posts – Vol I. If you find anything else that you believe I should add I am more than happy to add it 🙂

How to Write for SEO in 2011 – Great post from Michael Martinez that not only describes how to write quality content but also an example of how it is done (check to see who ranks well for “How to write for SEO”) Basically the content discusses the following – Write decent, lengthy content that features your keyword a few times with long tail versions and synonyms. Ranking for 100′s/1000′s of keywords >>> Ranking well for 1.

10 Ugly Tools That Actually Rock – Actually quite a good post despite the title… Discusses a few technical tools that check Usability, rankings, robots.txt and much more. A decent, solid post.

Does Google Only Listen If The New York Times Calls Them Out? – “Sorry to sound so cynical, Google, but why does it take an article in the New York Times to make you take action on something that you have known about for far longer than just these past few weeks?”

PDF’s in Google’s Search Results – “Generally links in PDF files are treated similarly to links in HTML: they can pass PageRank and other indexing signals, and we may follow them after we have crawled the PDF file. It’s currently not possible to “nofollow” links within a PDF document”

International SEO Strategy – Domains, Subdomains or Subfolders? – A bit of an old one, but a common question I get asked by clients is about their international SEO strategy. Which option is best? A new domain, subdomains or subfolders?

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