Welcome to the latest exciting edition of SEO posts that I have been reading…

Search Engines Come Together For a Richer Web

“Search engines have been working independently to support structured markup for a few years now. We introduced rich snippets to Google search in 2009 to help people find better summaries of reviews and people, and since that time we’ve expanded to new kinds of rich snippets, including recipes and events. We’ve been thrilled to see content creators across the web—from stubhub.com to allrecipes.com—add markup to their pages, and today we’re able to show rich snippets in search results more than 10 times as often as when we started two years ago.”

What is the Single Best Piece of SEO Advice?

“Very challenging to name only a single thing and call it “the best” but I’ll share one of my favorites:

Create a site, service, product or hook that has a natural, viral feedback component accessible to search engines (via links, embeds, badges, incentives to share, etc). Make it repeatable and compelling.

e.g. Urbanspoon’s “spoonback,” SimplyHired’s job trends charts, OKTrends’ data-driven blog posts, Mixcloud’s social voting/promotion, Wikipedia’s crowdsourcing, StackExchange’s community+gamification model, etc.

If/when you achieve this, the hardest part of SEO – spreading your message in a way that encourages engines to rank you well – is in the bag (mostly). The key components then become content, keywords and a scalable business model, not that those are especially easy either.” (Quote via Rand Fishkin)

SEO Is Easy? Let’s Look At The Hard 5 Percent

We’re going to take a look at that 5 percent in this article based on actual work I’ve done for real clients. These clients all have one end goal. That goal is revenue – pure and simple or, more specifically, targeted traffic that converts by handing over their hard-earned money for your product or service. Revenue is the only measure of any relevance. Traffic and rankings are just fluff, if you’re not making your client money.

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Maybe should have read number 5 before choosing this URL… 🙂


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