* This post will be examining the top 3 results for a certain keyword. I will then be reviewing the following metrics:

  1. Links to website
  2. Domains to website
  3. Linking c blocks to website
  4. Links to webpage
  5. Domains to webpage
  6. Total internal links to webpage
  7. Linking c blocks to webpage
  8. Total social shares to webpage
  9. Anchor text to webpage
  10. Keyword use in page title
  11. Occurrences of keyword on webpage
  12. Keyword use in alt text
  13. Keyword use in URL
  14. On page report card (via SEOmoz)
  15. Website Age

This does not mean that these are the only metrics that Google uses to rank these pages but just the ones I have time to review (obviously I’m not going to check hundreds/thousands of metrics…) The Anchor text part of the examination is exact so “Simply Sales Jobs” won’t be included under “Sales Jobs”. In terms of the page titles, I know that these can be edited by Google so I have checked each websites page source as well as what is indexed in Google and they are the same.

I will be taking the on page information from SEOmoz’s on page tool and link data from Open Site Explorer. The keyword that we will be reviewing today is “Sales Jobs” Just to keep things kosher, I don’t currently or ever have worked on a website that targets Sales Jobs. The top performers for these terms are:

  1. www.simplysalesjobs.co.uk/
  2. www.salesjobs.co.uk/
  3. www.totaljobs.com/JobSeeking/Sales.html
Metric Simply Sales Jobs Sales Jobs Total Jobs
External links to website 10,481 499 95,920
Domains to website 1,644 12 2,594
Linking c blocks to website 1,170 11 1,721
External links to webpage 1,005 497 17
Domains to webpage 151 11 16
Internal links to webpage 3,555 42 267
Linking c blocks to webpage 110 10 15
Total social shares to webpage 33 2 110
# of Anchor text links for “Sales Jobs” to webpage 19 1 10
# of domains with “Sales Jobs” links to webpage 17 1 10
# of Anchor text links for “Sales” to webpage 902 3 13
# of domains with “Sales” links to webpage 83 3 13
# of Anchor text links for “Jobs” to webpage 890 3 13
# of domains with “Jobs” links to webpage 81 3 13
Exact keyword use in page title 2 2 1
Occurances of keyword on page 50 27 32
Keyword use in alt text? Yes Yes No
Keyword use in domain name? Yes Yes No
On page report card A A A
Website age 6 years, 8 months 7 years, 7 months 12 years


Some Thoughts (none that are mindblowing but neither is SEO):

  1. Exact URL’s are still working…
  2. Social Shares may not be as influential as some people would wish
  3. Anchor text links are still useful
  4. Total Jobs have done well thanks to overall domain authority
  5. Keywords on page help you rank…
  6. Remember internal linking

I’m sure that millions of you guys could rip this apart but this was done merely out of interest and I thought I might as well write about it 🙂 The “findings” above shouldn’t surprise many of you but will hopefully confirm the importance of certain techniques.

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