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Websites That You Should be Reading, yeah?

Thought that I would put a list of websites that I like out there (although why I would show you superior options to my own site I will never know) so here you go:

Blind 5 Year Old – “The name of the blog comes from my search engine optimization (SEO) philosophy, which is to treat search engines like they are blind five year olds.”

Keeping an Eye on Google – “The thirst for knowledge is as old as humanity. It’s only in the past decade that the Internet has made knowledge ubiquitous, and we want to help you find the answers you’re looking for, whether it’s the best price on a new microwave, where to find a great bike ride—or even information about the Internet itself.”

SEO Theory – “SEO Theory provides a deeper analytical look at search engine optimization methods and techniques. Taking a more scientific approach to search engine optimization, SEO Theory stresses the importance of the SEO Method: Experiment. Evaluate. Adjust.”

SEO Scientist – “I don’t like DJing and would never do it for a living, but if you do and you want to read about it, you can do it here

SEOmad – “Neil Walker is the founder of SEO at Just Search Ltd who rank on the 1st page of Google UK for “SEO”. He has over 7 years experience and dealt with over 2500 clients SEO over the years. He has only started to proactively blog in the past 4 months by running “SEO Mad” – He hopes you find it interesting.”

SEO Skeptic – “Your host at SEO Skeptic is Aaron Bradley, an independent search marketing consultant specializing in organic search engine optimization for enterprise-level ecommerce and media sites.  In the past I’ve managed in-house SEM programs in the fields of online gaming, ecommerce and online publishing.  I reside in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, overlooking Stanley Park (it’s okay to be jealous).”

The Google Cache – “The Google Cache began as a protest page against Google’s policy of caching without explicit permission from webmasters. It has since become the search marketing blog of Russ Jones, CTO of Virante, Inc.”

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