So you are planning to write a piece of content on Vegas Holidays. You have the bulk of the article finished but you are just looking for some final touches to make sure that the article is as relevant as possible. Where can you get this information? Always remember Google is your friend!

1 – Wonderwheel:

A pretty underated tool in the Google arsenal giving you keywords that Google believes are semantically similar to the search query in question. This tool doesn’t always return brilliant results “New York Las Vegas Holidays” might not necessarily be useful or easy to get into your article (if you manage it then fair play!)

2 – Related Searches:

This tool does what it says on the tin usually showing between 5 and 20 related terms. As you can see below these terms are both different and more relevant to the original term.


3: Google search results/Google Instant:

Typing in a space after adding the search query will enable a list of other possible searches that people have used (over the latest x months) This tactic is also useful in finding relevant synonyms for your content.


4 – Google Sets:

Always seem to forget to use this one (as results can be bizarre at times!) but it can occasionally bring up some relevant keywords that you may have otherwise forgotten. You can find this great tool at

This is by no means the best list that you could get but from taking 5/10 minutes out you can get some really decent keyword information to add to your content to make it more relevant.

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