SEO Quotes, I said SEO Quotes!

Afternoon, it’s rather warm out and I’m looking for a distraction from learning C++ so without any further ado here are some “SEO Quotes” that I like:

  • “(Content + structure) x exposure x time x links = increased traffic and success” – Mr Stuntdubl
  • “SEO is not SPAM.” — Mr Cutts
  • It is not the job of search engine optimization to make a pig fly. It is the job of the SEO to genetically reengineer the Web site so that it becomes an eagle. — Mr Clay

May come back to this and add more in the future. For now that’s shallot.

p.s. Did you see that above? I wrote SEO Quotes in Italics, Bold, Underline and in quotation marks! I are SEO Expert Consultant Specialist… 🙂

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