Albums of 2011

I was going to write a list of SEO blogs/posts that I liked this year and in fact I still might but thought it was worth mentioning a few albums that I have enjoyed listening to over the last year. Now I’m a global SEO star I think it’s time to remember the little people […]

The Quiet Before The Storm

I am currently working on a truly epic post of humungous proportions. Because of this I won’t be writing for a while… With this in mind I thought I’d do a “best of” post so that you can find the best from the rest, enjoy 🙂 An SEO Interview with Michael King (aka iPullRank) An […]

Free SEO Analysis and Advice

Evening all… Recently I have been thinking about how I can take the SEO knowledge that I have picked up and give a little bit back to help businesses/charities improve their visibility online. There are some great SEO’s out there like Wil Reynolds and Rand Fishkin who are so enthusiastic about the industry and genuinely […]

“Advanced” Twitter Search Operators

Quick post alert! Just came across an interesting page on Twitter that shows how you can do searches specialist searches.  If you are using Twitter to link build then you are probably aware of these already, if not get too it! Check them out below: SEO Blog –> Finds tweets that contains both “SEO” and […]

SEO Posts – Vol III

Evening all, if you have a spare hour or two I’d advise that you read the following awesome articles: Anchor text articles for the link lovers out there! Article 1 features an experiment in anchor text, should you use branded, keyword rich or a partial mix of both? In Article 2 James from Quumf writes […]